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Certification | Mid Island Collision


Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Program The Collision Certification program has been developed by Mercedes-Benz to certify and distinguish the body shops that meet or exceed Mercedes-Benz standards for:

  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Facilities
  • Repair work
  • Training equipment
  • Commitment to customer care

Mercedes-Benz Dealer-Owned or Mercedes-Benz Dealer-Sponsored Facilities participate in this program. All Collision Facilities certified by Mercedes-Benz have successfully completed an extensive audit and have made the significant commitment that is required to be a certified facility.

Protect Your Investment The best way to ensure a proper repair is to use equipment consistent with your vehicle's specifications.

All Collision Facilities certified by Mercedes-Benz use factory-approved equipment.

Mercedes-Benz distinctive features require distinctive attention. We recommend that ONLY Certified Facilities undertake paint work or body repairs on your vehicle. Certified Collision Facilities understand the unique features and particular needs of your vehicle and they have the tools, equipment and training needed to repair paint and body damage properly.

With a vehicle as unique as your Mercedes-Benz, would you want to take a chance on anything less?

* While the vehicle owner may elect to have repairs (collision damage repair or paint work) performed by any automotive body repair establishment or individual, damage or malfunctions caused by body repairs not performed in accordance with Mercedes-Benz specified repair procedures or otherwise not properly performed are not covered by the Mercedes-Benz New Car Limited Warranty and may cause the car to not perform as originally designed in a subsequent collision to the repaired area.

Certified Collision Facilities When you trust your repair work to a Certified Collision Facility, you are giving yourself the confidence and peace of mind that the work is being done correctly. The advantages include:

Outstanding technical expertise supported by a rigorous certification process

Attentive and prompt, professional, dependable service

Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts

Trained professionals current in proper

collision procedures

Certified Collision Facilities

Mercedes-Benz Vehicles are unique in their design and require specialized skills to repair properly. Certified professionals are able to provide the quality of work your vehicle requires and deserves. Certified Facilities are split into two classifications as follows:

General Facility: Collision Facilities recognized as General Collision Facilities meet all facility, equipment and training requirements to perform collision repairs on all vehicles excluding heavy collision or structural repairs on the unique CL-Class (215) model vehicles.

CL Structural Facility: Mercedes-Benz CL-Class coupes are like no other coupes in production. Their construction, which includes a hybrid body, is new in the automotive industry. It's one of many reasons CL Certified Collision Facilities exist as the pinnacle of collision service for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Collision Facilities recognized as CL Structural Facilities also meet all facility, equipment and training requirements to perform collision repairs on all vehicles including heavy collision or structural repairs on the unique CL-Class (215) model vehicles.



Aluminum Body Tools


The E60 utilizes a new design concept of manufacturing the entire front section of the unitized body completely from aluminum. Aluminum is strong, durable and lightweight and enhances vehicle performance.

Should an E60 encounter body or structural damage, a technician trained in aluminum repair techniques with dedicated tools is required to perform the repair work. There are no alternatives to the dedicated tools and repair procedures.

Repairs on the aluminum front end are based on "cold bonding techniques" which utilize cementing and riveting. Aluminum welding is not performed. It is imperative that that the specifications and the procedures defined in the repair manual are closely followed. Failure to follow the procedures and use dedicated tools will result in corrosion damage to the vehicle.

The technician performing the work must be properly trained by BMW. Refer to SI B03 03 03 for information on "E60 GRAV repair-course number SB 011". The necessary repair work may be performed in any center's body shop provided an aluminum work bay (stationary or mobile) is available.


37 I-CAR Platinum Certified Technicians


ASE Certification